My top ten songs that I first heard in 2013 (With one cheat !)

10 The Wombles – The Orinoco Kid

I’ve had this track on my iPod for years but never listened to it. Towards the end of the year it came on when I had my iPod on shuffle and it wormed it’s way into my brain. It’s another classic song from Mike Batt, up there with Bright Eyes and the soundtrack to The Hunting of the Snark.

9  Daft Punk – Touch

What can I say about this track ! My son brought Random Access Memories home for me as a gift and as soon as the horns blasted in on this track I shouted through to him in the next room that I loved this album ! There’s so many facets to this song that burrow into your head. And once someone tells you that the introductory vocals sound like old Professor Farnsworth from Futurama, you won’t be able to listen to it again without thinking of him !

8  The ( International ) Noise Conspiracy – Storm The Gates Of Beverley Hills

Whilst on holiday in Barcelona my son, Max ( ), picked up T(I)NC’s The Cross Of My Calling CD from Revolver Records. Once back home I heard him blasting it out and it was one of those records that instantly grabs you – it had grooves that pulled you in. Within three weeks I had tracked down their other albums and to be honest there could have been at least ten of their songs in this list. I picked this one because I love the ending but I would suggest checking them out to anyone remotely moved by this tune.

7  The Missing Teens – Hotel California : TNG

I have a bit of an obsession with collecting different versions of Hotel California and after hearing a Spanish version in Barcelona I thought I’d try to find any versions online that I hadn’t already heard. Whilst searching, I came across this lounge bar style imagining of what the future had in store for the hotel once the seventies residents had left. This song always puts a smile on my face and sets my feet a-tapping !

6  The Cure – Just Like Heaven

Unbelievably, even though I have liked The Cure since Boys Don’t Cry was re-released in the mid eighties , I had never knowingly heard this fantastic song until it was played at a friend’s wedding reception ! I have even seen it live at Crystal Palace Bowl without even realizing !(  )

5  Slaves – Beauty Quest

Heard the end of this on Zane Lowe’s show when getting picked up from work by my wife. As soon as I got home I had to go on the BBC website to see who it was by. Very reminiscent of the Frank Carter era Gallows but with more groove.

4  Daft Punk – Contact

In my opinion the best ending of an album since The Stone Roses with I Am The Resurrection.

3  Foxygen – On Blue Mountain

I was already a fan of Foxygen having stumbled across their fantastic song Where’s The Money and the Take The Kids Off Broadway album so I was looking forward to new sounds from them. They didn’t disappoint ! This is a wonderful slice of Stones/Elvis inspired melancholica and only one part of a fantastic album.

2  Baron – Bile

I saw Baron at Leeds Holy Trinity church supporting Wolf People at my ‘gig of the year’ ! What a fantastic venue !  I thought both bands were magnificent and checked Baron out the day after which is where I downloaded this amazing track from bandcamp. At one point Baron put their entire catalogue available for free download and I would urge people to check them out, free or not ! Love the swirling vortex in the middle and the abrupt ending.

1  Daft Punk – Giorgio By Moroder

I make no apologies for including a third Daft Punk track. As I have said earlier, I loved Random Access Memories and could have included at least three more songs. This relentless tune bags top spot for many reasons :- The click !, the soothing interview sample , the crazy drumming and last but not least , the frenetic ending responsible for my son and I going crazy in the car in my driveway and refusing to get out until the last drop had been squeezed out of it ! Happy New Year and fingers crossed for a Daft Punk tour !


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