Social Experiment – Giving Up Facebook & Twitter For Lent.

As I have been challenged by Mrs C to give up Facebook and Twitter for Lent I thought I would post my regular musings, thoughts and pictures on here instead.

Day 1 – February 18th

Watched many episodes of The Office ( American version ) on Netflix.
Went for a walk around Gomersal & Oakwell.
Watched episode 3 of Better Call Saul. Lamppost pics below.
Continued watching Dawn Of The Dead.


Day 2 February 19th

I’ve realised I’ve either been stitched up or I’ve got my bible stories mixed up. In the bible baby Jesus went into the wilderness for forty days and forty nights but from Ash Wednesday to Easter Sunday there are forty seven days, so technically, if I succeed, I will have proven myself to be one week better than Jesus.

Watched a few more episodes of The Office ( American )

Watched Jeff, Who Lives At Home. Lamppost pics below.Screenshot_2015-02-19-09-48-52Screenshot_2015-02-19-09-48-18

Cleaned every room in the house bar the living room.

Continued watching Dawn Of The Dead ( 1978 )

Watched another episode of The Office in bed.Screenshot_2015-02-19-22-57-07 Screenshot_2015-02-19-22-59-34

*Reminder to include Bodyguard joke once Easter target is achieved.

Day 3 February 20th

Watched Corrie and then a few episodes of Seinfeld with Max – no lampposts as of yet worth highlighting.

Day 7 February 24th

One week almost done – ( reminder about arthritis joke ).

Day 9 February 26th

Finally finished watching Dawn Of The Dead – lamppost pics included below plus a bonus one that came to mind !

Photo FX HDX FREE Picture 8 Photo FX HDX FREE Picture 9Photo FX HDX FREE Picture

This break has also allowed me to indulge in my other hobby of finding dodgy portrait paintings on Google. A selection of my current favourites are below.

ny_smg_sag_1981_38_largeamerican-school-child-in-blue-with-toy-horse(c) Compton Verney; Supplied by The Public Catalogue Foundationopname/scan 2002christinek -Bobrinsky son of catherine 1770Paul_I_by_A.Losenko

Day 15 March 4th

Watched more of The Office, Better Call Saul and the first episode of Bates Motel. Lamppost pics from the latter two included below.


Day 17 March 6th

A sad day. Finished watching the American version of The Office, so to cheer myself up I watched the Christmas specials of the original.


Day 19 March 8th

Lazy day. Watch a film, Robot & Frank, watched a bore draw between Liverpool and Blackburn in the FA Cup sixth round and watched a couple more episodes of Bates Motel.



Day 20 March 9th

Went to work.

Watched House Of Fools.

Photo FX HDX FREE Picture 15

Day 25 March 14th

Watched Better Call Saul.


Started work on the first track for the new VOLUTION album, a song called The Dark Side Of The Spoon. Just vocals to lay down then it’s ready. Pleased with the spoon solo. (Decided to release without vocals – writer’s block ! )

Day 29 March 18th

Saw Tragedy live at The Parish, Huddersfield with Mike Patthole and James Wilson.

Day 30 March 19th

Went for a long walk – is it wrong for a 44 year old man to have the following accompanying soundtrack ?

McFly – That Girl

Busted – Air Hostess ( I messed my pants when we flew over France )

The View – Same Jeans

5IVE – Keep On Movin’

Orson – No Tomorrow

S Club 7 – S Club Party ( There ain’t no party like an S Club part-hey ho )

S Club 7 – Don’t Stop Movin’ ( Don’t Stop moving to the funky funky beat, don’t stop moving to the funky funky beat, don’t stop moving to the funky funky beat, don’t stop moving to the S Club beat )

Girls Aloud – Biology ( We give it up and then they take it away, a girl’s got to zip it up and get her head in the shade )

Busted – Who’s David ?

McFly – 5 Colours In Her Hair ( Do do do do do doo x 3 )

Biffy Clyro – Many Of Horror ( Woah oh oh oh oh oh x 4 )

Day 32 March 21st

Exciting day. News about the upcoming general election televised debates released.


Day 37 March 26th

The Cheggers/Corrie campaign has more than doubled in support overnight – WAHEY !


Day 39 March 28th

Just over a week to go !

Day 41 March 30th

This is why the Cheggers campaign had a boost last week !

 I have overtaken Jesus’s famous period of 40 days and 40 nights – as to whether that makes me a better person than him or not – well, let’s just say modesty prevents me from answering.

At the age of 44 I have finally seen the light – The Monkees WERE better than the Beatles & Stones combined.

Day 42 March 31st

After yesterday’s comment referring to me potentially being a better person than Jesus, my garden fence blew down overnight in what can only be called an act of God ! Revenge must be sweet for the big guy !

Watched the season 2 finalé of Bates Motel.


Day 44 April 2nd

Started watching Fringe.




Day 47 April 5th

Dave 1 Jesus 0


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